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The Max EFX Podcast: An Insider Look at the Special Effects Industry & Sci-Fi Fandom

Jul 27, 2020

Welcome to the premiere of The Max EFX Podcast! Here we will journey through the career of Special Effects Artist, Max Cervantes. He shares stories from working on Star Trek TV and films, Beetlejuice, films by Roger Corman, the Star Wars Pepsi commercial, Waterworld, and so many more. Max also discusses the many roles he's played in the Star Trek Universe. 
Get to know Max Cervantes and moderator, Kevin Toft, as they discuss how Max became intertwined in the Effects business. It all started with one teacher who went above and beyond for a student.
They also discuss their favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy fandoms going back to the days where science fiction conventions were held on just one day in a small room in a downtown hotel.